Ever since I can remember I've had protection evil eye symbols hanging outside my front door. A few years ago I went through a stage of huge self development & change, it was during this time that I really felt the need for protection, boundaries and calm. I also began to get more of an understanding of how crystals & aromatherapy worked & the power of the Mati & Hamsa symbols. I couldn't just stop at one! So I started owning more & more until everyone around me wanted them too, this is how this stunning collection of jewels begun. Each piece is cleansed, blessed & charged with positive energy in a custom salt circle before they head out to you & their new home. This is something I give to you with great pleasure, you deserve to be protected, cherished & loved. Wear this as a symbol from me to you. -  Chloe xox

Protection Jewellery & Kits

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